#the100daysofnumberedbits Part 4

This is it! The final installment! And here is how thick it has become! What’s next? catch up with Project Life colour in the sketches I made in Saigon do some more art journaling/collage finish the 30-day watercolour class from CreativeBug We’ll see… watch this space for more stuff. SaveSave  

#the100daysofnumberedbits Part 3

So close… the third installment of my #the100dayproject. So love some of the spreads I ended up with. And I have even made a video of my process for #67. Here’s a look. Can’t wait to show you all the last installment. Thank you so much for following!

#the100daysofnumberedbits Part 2

Halfway and somehow I feel like it’s only been not long ago when I started this project… To be honest, all this play has been addicting. I keep getting distracted from doing other stuff and instead just want to keep cutting up papers and painting backgrounds. Acrylics are not easy for me to use as…

#the100daysofnumberedbits Part 1

Somehow this project has got me all wrapped up in a good way; I cannot seem to stop once I get started… Just the notion of playing with paper and paint somehow is kind of calming. Everything has been all done intuitively, nothing planned, just whatever I have on hand and what I feel inspired…


We are 22 days in since the start of #the100dayproject this year. In my mind, what I had planned is easy, but got a bit sidetracked with work and now still playing a bit of catch-up. So I thought I’d start this year’s blogpost series with a bit of background. I knew for this year’s project,…


So! It’s finished (or is it?)! The just-concluded #oneweek100people2018 initiated by Marc Taro Holmes and Liz Steel was both a challenge and interesting to say the least. I have eyed this challenge last year on Instagram but never got the courage to join as my biggest drawing weakness is in people or human form (and perspective)….

500 Colored Pencils: Wanderlust

This might now become a regular series in my blog… as I complete (I hope) my 500 colored pencils from Felissimo. A couple weeks ago I received in the mail my equally awesome set called Wanderlust. The name alone resonates me and my love for travel! So I added coloured pencil drawings or shadings into a…

Watercolour Explorations #76 to #100

Here’s the fourth, and final, installment of my #the100dayproject. Was a bit late in finishing especially with the unplanned and planned trips during the 100 days. But it feels great that I finished though I am planning on continuing these watercolor exercises. It’s been part of my outlet and have truly enjoyed exploring the different…

Watercolour Explorations #1 to #25

Have you joined this year’s #The100DayProject? If so, how are you getting along with your respective projects? Mine was going well until I had some family emergency and then had to do a lot of catch ups. But I’m happy I got to the halfway mark in spite of the crazy days at work. So here…

500 Colored Pencils: Fun

Last week, I received a surprise present in the mail. It was a set of the Felissimo coloured pencils, more specifically the FUN set. Oh boy! I was giddy and excited to try these out. I actually knew of these Felissimo coloured pencils years and years ago when I walked into the shop in Beijing….