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Over a month since the COVID-19 virus made China stand still, we are still taking precautions and even with almost zero new cases, although now the new cases are from overseas. Shanghai has started to have some normalcy and right now feeling a lot of gratitude that we can experience Spring even if it is not like the way it used to be.

These days have been different, not just in China but I’m sure everyone else in the world.

My kids have been e-learning since the beginning of February and so grateful how the school put these all together in such a short time. But 2 months of e-learning, they can’t wait to get to school again. We remain hopeful schools will open again in May.

I was working from home in February when we had to change the way we work to adapt to our situation of home quarantine. I am very grateful for everyone in my company who have been flexible to make the necessary changes and make concessions for us to continue supporting our clients.

Businesses who have managed to stay are those that have been flexible and quickly making changes to the way they do business like restaurants and coffee shops. Notable is how Shake Shack has finally gotten into the delivery platforms when it had resisted for months. Tim Horton’s and Starbucks and other shops have only accepted orders from mobile platforms in the early days and orders picked up by the entrance only; no contact with staff nor were the shops catering to dine-ins.

Now that this virus has escalated to all around the world and have scary rates of increase, we continue to take precautions and pray for all.

I personally feel I am reliving this nightmare twice because now it is all about feeling and worrying about family outside of China where there are not a lot (or in some cases hardly any) of preventive measures implemented unlike that which we enjoyed in Shanghai.

My handmade art journal has been filling up quickly. It has been so far an adventure in discovery, exploration, and learning. Finished the 30-days of gratitude and Kasia Avery’s #SootheMeArtJournaling. Art journaling has kept me sane in the last couple of months and so grateful for it.

My adventure at using Procreate for the #makingarteveryday challenge has been both a struggle and a fun thing to do. For March I went with an A-Z of birds while in April I used the form of a stamp to make this month’s prompts look more cohesive especially since we are exploring different art styles. And I love my “stamps” set.

Finally, the 2020 #the100dayproject has started last week. This year, I’m doing something different from previous years. I’m working with Lea (@craftymue) to do #100daysofnoticingtogether for our project; to support each other throughout this journey. A good way for me to destash stuff, too.

We continue to pray that the whole pandemic will bring back normalcy to our world and that a vaccine will soon be invented/discovered. In the meantime, I invite you to check out my IG feed for more.

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