Urban Sketching: Duolun Road

Perfect weather means sketching outdoors is even more exciting and inspiring. After days of dreary cold weather and plus being sick with a bad cough for over a week, I was just dying to get out and do some sketching.

Hongde Church on Duolun Road

The venue for our sketching group was at the Duolun Culture Street, more specifically the old Protestant church called Hongde Church, formerly known as the Fitsch Memorial Church. The interior has been mostly been renovated as most of the church was damaged during the Cultural Revolution.

Actually I did a warm up sketch inside the church (above), before moving outdoors to sketch the exterior; well, at least, part of the exterior from my vantage point.

Wandered off to do another sketch of an old apartment building which I thought was quite interesting because of the details. But I chose to sketch the “add-on” to the building on the top.

The fantastic weather just made it hard to resist to not continue sketching. Wandering further down the road, I noticed how this area has changed. A big facelift has been done to attract domestic and backyard tourists especially since China’s borders are still closed. I especially loved the antique store I happened upon, just aimlessly looking at the neat display of goods. This was probably the most “organized” shop.

The last sketch of the day, a white garden house.

Thank you for reading.

    1. Thank you Ivan! This is actually the first time I’m exploring this substrate and am so totally enjoying this. Although sometimes I miss my watercolours!

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