Nearly Christmas season…

I know. I know. I seem to be in the wrong season. But I feel posting this during the hottest time of the Summer may well bring in some anticipation of the cooler weather (I hope) that is just around the corner.

Here are some of my favourite pages/spreads from Care December 2021. I used an old book and just randomly added art journal in between. I did not tear out pages for this one, just thought of going with the flow and see where this leads me.

This post is actually way overdue with a lot of things happening. Nevertheless, it is good to go back and look at past projects because I find that checking back into my art journaling journey allows me see what worked and what didn’t. I also get to have a look at techniques that I want to bring back.

I’ve created a video flipping through the pages of my art journal.

Hope this was a good read. Thank you for stopping by.


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