Events & Press

Here are some events or activities that I have been involved in:

2023 Lifescape of Old Shanghai

The latest Drawing Shanghai exhibit of sketches from Shanghai’s local life.

2023 Wanderlust Guest Teacher

One of the biggest thing to happen in 2022 was being accepted to be one of the Wanderlust guest teachers for 2023. Read more here.

2022 Strawberry Moon Magazine

So totally grateful and a truly humbling experience to be interviewed by Suzanne for her magazine’s second issue. Read about the blog post here.

Truly worth subscribing to either the print or digital versions. Check the latest issue.

2022 Get Messy Guest Teacher

Coming full circle to Get Messy and I am totally thrilled and very grateful to be one of the guest teachers in 2022. Read more on this blog post.

2021 Art for Hearts

My second year of joining this art event but I am in hotel quarantine so I will have to be there through the photos shared from the event. These are my contributions for this year’s event.


Artwork title: Spices of Life

Medium: Mixed media on wood panel – Acrylic paints, acrylic inks, collage, oil pastel

Artwork Description: Life is meant to be lived fully to its breadth and depth. This piece is all about embracing the ups and downs of life; whether it is growth, sadness, calm – life is indeed a journey of savoring its many flavors and being our own connoisseur.

“I do not want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.” —- Diane Ackerman

Realistic photo frame mockup with shadow

Artwork title: Growth

Medium: Mixed media – Acrylics, inks, pencil

Artwork Description: Growth is a process. In this twinset art, I wanted to evoke the concept of growing as inevitable, supporting and nurturing each other, like symbiosis, and we navigate through life through experiences as part of our growth and learning.

“Nature shows us how to live, love, and grow alongside each other.” —- Angie Weiland-Crosby

Read more about the event from here.

2020 Art for Hearts

A truly humbling experience to be able to donate to the annual Heart2Heart Foundation. This was the first time I’ve ever joined this kind of event in Shanghai. I decided to donate 2 abstract paintings for the event.


Artwork title: An Ode to Audrey

Medium: Mixed media – Acrylics, inks, pencil

Artwork Description: This painting is a visual poem to my daughter, Audrey, representing our relationship is like with one another – complex yet easy at the same time. 

She pushed me to start painting on a big canvas again during the COVID lockdown, something I haven’t done in the last 20 years when I became a hands-on mom to twins. 

Inspired by her, I painted every day, adding layers and layers of paint and marks, each stroke a dedication of my love for her. And also it reminded me why I fell in love with painting on big canvass in the first place.


Artwork title: This is Us

Medium: Mixed media – Acrylics, inks, pencil

Artwork Description: Through this painting I wanted to portray the essence of a family – resilience. We all face the cycle of ups and downs, but we have the liberty to use these winds of change to bond and foster strength and courage. 

“…Practice gratitude to honor what’s ordinary about our lives, because that is what’s truly extraordinary.” ~ Brene Brown

The event was held at the atrium of the Portman Ritz Carlton in downtown Shanghai. It was inspiring to see that my paintings were sold even before I arrived. This really kept me on high for days! Importantly I am glad that my art went on to fund surgery for children with heart problems.

You can read more about the Heart 2 Heart Foundation. Can’t wait for 2021.

2019 The Big Draw Shanghai: November


I was hyped to be invited to the first The Big Draw organized in Shanghai. I painted using coffee which was fun and challenging and plus painting in public was something totally out of my comfort zone!

2019 Happy Little Moments: July-September

An exhibit at the Shanghai Mass Art Center (上海市群众艺术馆) about how I document our life in Shanghai. Read more

2018 Postrip: July-August

For the second year, Postrip was held in Shanghai at the Shanghai Mass Art Center (上海市群众艺术馆) on 04 August, gathering people from Shanghai and neighboring provinces who share a common interest in postcards. This has become an important summer gathering combining with a small scale marketplace where individual sellers show off various stationery items for sale.

2018 Alila Anji Summer Art Program

For a series of 6 weekends in July until September, I was invited to be the artist-in-residence where I gave a series of workshops each weekend. The art classes vary from age groups and theme. Check out the post here and the press release from here and here.

2017 Postrip: July-August

The first Postrip event where people interested in postcards and snail mail gathered for a special event at the Shanghai Mass Art Center (上海市群众艺术馆). The main part of the event is the exhibition of postcard collections by KOLs in their own unique sense. At this exhibit, I shared a few of my travel journals which includes postcards as part of album pages. You can read more from here, here, here or here.

2016 Happy Little Moments Workshop

My first public workshop at the Shanghai Planner Market (魔都手帐集市) on 01 June 2016. You can read more about this event here or here (Chinese).