2021 Thrive

2021 OLW

January 1 rolled in quietly just like any day. I guess there was the sense of uncertainty as to what is in store for the new year after the ‘epic’ 2020 that we all had.

Since 5-6 years ago, I started choosing a word to help me navigate through the year. 2020 was so strange that I never even got to choose a word until around end of October when “the word” popped up and with it came my word for 2021! Nevertheless, 2020 was all about feeling grateful for a lot of things in spite of all the “bad” things that happened, so it was no surprise that the word “gratitude” was my word for 2020.

For 2021 ‘thrive’ was the word which seemed quite perfect since I have felt like I was just swirling in circles all year long, dealing with the sudden lockdown in January 2020, the struggle with twin teens, the stress of distance learning, the anxiety with the business, the uncertainty of it all. During lockdown, I have been doing a lot of reacting instead of shutting my mouth, instead of responding, instead of taking a pause. I didn’t know then that reacting was what was creating all these negative impact on my relationships with people around me.

So to thrive would mean stepping up my game whether it is in my personal life or in my work/business — emotionally, physically, creatively — embracing imperfections, striving to do better, and knowing when to let go of things I cannot control.

Here’s to thriving in 2021.

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