Retrospect: Messy May 2022

May came and went. In between being in lockdown, trying to stay positive amidst everything and trying to find recipes to match what I had available, cleaning the apartment and work… well it was all happening all at once. This challenge from Get Messy was probably one that made the days a bit better, it was something I looked forward to playing in my art journals. And I even got to take some process videos!

So what I used is this small (I think around A6) size old journal/diary. It is dated 2017 but have not thrown it out because I thought maybe I can do something with it since I liked the leather cover. Good thing I found a new way to repurpose what would have become a landfill.

Here are some of the pages I did, trying to pick a favourite is hard!

And flipping back through the pages, wow! Felt lots of happiness with the pages I ended up doing. You can also head on to my YouTube channel and check out some of the process videos I did.

Thank you for stopping by.

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