Another challenge done! The just-concluded #oneweek100people2019 initiated by Marc Taro Holmes, Liz Steel, and Suhita Shirodkar was a fantastic way to brush up on drawing people again. This year, my goal was to (1) understand more about gestural drawing and (2) be quicker with drawing people so I can incorporate into my urban sketches.

These are my sketches this year…

DAY 1:

Was on a business trip so drew people at the railway station waiting area.

Day 2:

I tried (or planned) to do more but after my morning quick sketch at a nearby coffee shop, I didn’t get any chance to do anymore.

Below is the colour version which I ended up doing in the evening.

Day 3:

Managed to actually head out early and check out a nearby park. A really small one but it’s in a quiet neighbourhood and there were a lot of aged p’s doing their exercises or morning gossip. LOL!

Day 4:

Drawing from photo except for my colleague having his lunch as there was no time to stop and sketch. (Yet again I got stuck at home!)

Day 6:

Fully occupied with meetings on Day 5 so had to make up for my quota on this day.

Day 7:

This day gave me a couple opportunities to sit outside and sketch people using the gestural sketching I was learning on Day 6. I got to go to the Shaoxing Park again from Day 3 and then had more time at the Fuxing Park. Watched a guy and an old woman doing their taichi exercises.

My favourite sketch was this last spread of men playing cards. (They were probably gambling…) I decided to leave these last sketches without colour. Not perfect but that’s fine with me… my brush pen ran out of ink…

Super hyped that I got more than 100 sketches this year and so want to do more as practise. Definitely something I want to do again on 2020!

Thank you for reading.

    1. Hi, Laureen! Thank you very much! I pretty much learned some of the traditional methods at university (eons ago, it seems) and rest pretty much thru practice… Thank you again!

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