Destination | Taipei (Part 2)


Here’s a continuation from the previous Taipei post.

Day 4

This day was more about doing errands and ticking ‘everything’ off my list before I leave. So I first went to Di Hua Jie which wasn’t too far from the hotel to get some of the food/snacks I wanted to bring back to Shanghai.

Taipei_17 Taipei

Buying some Chinese herbs to send to my parents. Some of these are to be used in cooking herbal soup.
Interesting new handicraft shops like this one, was fun to browse around in. I wish I could buy everything.
Store selling stuff for temples.
Getting last-minute post sent out.
One of my favourite street food – dumplings in a hot & sour soup – was perfect for lunch.

I also went in search of PS3/PSP games around the taipei Train Station underground mall to no avail. What I was looking for was either too old, too new, or sold out! Finally managed to get to the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park to meet up with my cousin after having to return to Pin Mo (because I had inadvertently forgotten something there!). Anyways, I so wish I had more time to browse and wander! This will be on my next trip’s itinerary…

A new destination in Taipei – the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.


Shop on the second floor brimming with goodies!
A new take on the Chinese chess pieces.
Wanted to get everything here…
Ended up with some wash tapes which were cheaper than those in Shanghai in spite of the location of the shop (which means things costs more here).

Taipei_28 Taipei_31 Taipei_32 Taipei_33

A lot of interesting products and especially the packaging.


Thanks for looking.


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