Watercolor Adventures

These days, I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone and actually going out and meet new people! The fact that these are like-minded people makes it somehow easier to socialize…

This weekend was one of the rare occasion where I actually showed up at 2 locations!

06.22 Sketching Jiangpin Road

Draw Shanghai’s theme for these next 2 weekends is documenting through sketches this old street which used to be a flower-&-bird market. Now it’s all been cleaned up. Actually the street is getting a facelift, gone are the hawkers on the streets, facades of old houses have been restored or fixed up. Although not as authentic anymore, I guess being fixed up is better than demolishing this area.

Here are some sketches and photos from that day. I typically do analog and digital these days.

06.23 Watercolour World Shanghai

TODAY WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Amazing day to be out painting/sketching with a lot of local watercolour artists both professional and non-professional!

The weather and location were perfect. I finally got to visit the south side of The Bund near the Suzhou Creek again. It has been such a long time and now I see for more reasons to venture that way some more.

It was so humbling to be meet an artist whose work I admire a lot! And also having a chance to chat with other watercolor enthusiasts. Next time I might have to do a bigger sized painting than my small sketches.

Here are some photos from this day.

Thank you for reading.

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