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Typically I would have my Project Life all planned out for the following year by December of previous year. This year was rather different as I wasn’t sure which format to do. After so much deliberation, I decided to stick with the 9×12 size instead of changing to 6×8.

With that decision, I finally got my 2016 all finished a couple days ago. Yipee! I went directly to starting/catching up on the 2017 spreads before I get sidetracked again.  And now to share with you my 2017 pages.


This year’s title page is easier to put together because I actually did a series of shots of everyone in the household. I used a mix of different cards from this kit, from one of the Story Kits, from a very old Project Life kit and one from my own design which you can download from here.

Here below are Weeks 1-4 pages. Kept these simple with just a page for each week, more because I didn’t have much to add to a 2-page spread.

arlyna_titlecard_08 arlyna_titlecard_09 arlyna_titlecard_10 arlyna project life 2017

While  I work on my 2017 Project Life spreads, I realized I was missing the weekly title cards I used to have. So off to the design table. For this year, I decided to make it more contemporary style and flexible for everyone who has either Sunday or Monday as the start of their weeks.

arlyna_titlecard_01 arlyna_titlecard_02

I decided with this approach, I thought this would make use of the roller stamps we all have in our stash. And you can print in whatever color of cardstock you have. I decided to use the neon pink as it was the only one I have a lot on hand. But you can certainly print on plain white ones, too, or even the patterned scrapbook papers.


Here’s a look at how I’ve used the 3×4 size format in my spreads.

arlyna_titlecard_05 arlyna_titlecard_06

As you can see above, I use 3×4 or 3×3 format so I needed some flexibility of cutting the cards down.

You can download the 6×4 format or 3×4 format or checkout the Downloads section of this blog.

Enjoy! And I would love to see how you use these free title cards on IG or on your blog. Just mention me (@abshanghai on IG and add the hashtag #arlynaprintables) or link to this blog.

Thank you for looking.

  1. thank you! I also am one who usually has her album started in December. I just got the album the other day (I do 12×12) and wasn’t sure what I wanted for my title cards but like these so I might o this… Might print on a laser printer so I can run some thru my minc.

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