#the100daysofnumberedbits Part 4

This is it! The final installment! And here is how thick it has become! What’s next? catch up with Project Life colour in the sketches I made in Saigon do some more art journaling/collage finish the 30-day watercolour class from CreativeBug We’ll see… watch this space for more stuff. SaveSave  

#the100daysofnumberedbits Part 3

So close… the third installment of my #the100dayproject. So love some of the spreads I ended up with. And I have even made a video of my process for #67. Here’s a look. Can’t wait to show you all the last installment. Thank you so much for following!

#the100daysofnumberedbits Part 2

Halfway and somehow I feel like it’s only been not long ago when I started this project… To be honest, all this play has been addicting. I keep getting distracted from doing other stuff and instead just want to keep cutting up papers and painting backgrounds. Acrylics are not easy for me to use as…

#the100daysofnumberedbits Part 1

Somehow this project has got me all wrapped up in a good way; I cannot seem to stop once I get started… Just the notion of playing with paper and paint somehow is kind of calming. Everything has been all done intuitively, nothing planned, just whatever I have on hand and what I feel inspired…


We are 22 days in since the start of #the100dayproject this year. In my mind, what I had planned is easy, but got a bit sidetracked with work and now still playing a bit of catch-up.┬áSo I thought I’d start this year’s blogpost series with a bit of background. I knew for this year’s project,…