For 2020’s #100dayproject, I did a project together with @craftymue based on @aliedwards The Art of Noticing. When Ali posted on Instagram about this concept and the kits that she was introducing, there was a lightbulb moment for both Lea and me and we talked about how this could be a good project for the #the100dayproject. So when the start date of the project rolled around, we went into this project together as a way to support each other, to show up and to give each other a boost to finish the project.

So in my Instagram Highlights and IGTV, I have posted all my process videos and pages for this project. You can find out from this link.

As this is the first time I’ve worked on this project with a “partner”, I am so ever so grateful!

  • We finished the project on time
  • We felt we were accountable to showing up (even at days when we felt we weren’t inspired to continue)
  • We were inspired by each other’s take of what we noticed each day

Thank you for reading.



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