Cancabato Bay Sunrise

Belated Happy New Year!

So, typically, I hardly record my painting process because it always is on the spur of the moment when I paint. This one, I was more intentional, as I was inspired to seeing my process and understand how long it actually took me to “finish”. This below is before I added the birds.

So I am sharing the process video of how I painted an abstract landscape for Week 2 lesson of Wanderlust 2023 using chalk pastels (I only have a few) with clear and regular gesso. On top of that, I also used a bit of NeoColors water-soluble pastels and translucent texture paste.

This abstract landscape is inspired by the seascape I miss from my hometown; the fresh air of the early dawn, the breeze from the bay, fishermen sailing off to the big waters, still waters… Photo is from 2019!

In real time, this spread took me almost 6 hours minus the last-minute decision to add the stitched birds. In a recent Design Matters podcast I listened to, James Clear said something like: “When it looks easy for people, it probably is more work than what you are thinking.” This really hit me because I totally understood! And this “exercise” was what I can say is a testament of that. The lesson was about 2-3 hours long but for me to actually do my version, it was double! Don’t get me wrong. I totally enjoyed painting this spread to the extent that I didn’t even realize that I had ended up spending almost the entire Sunday!

And the other reason why I totally understood what James Clear was saying is because, as a business owner, I have had clients come to me that totally ignores logic and gets me fuming mad always. I hear things like: “To design this you only need 30 minutes, why are you charging this much?” Or it could be: “Oh it will only be a few minutes, can you do this for free, please?” Ugh!

Anyways, I don’t want to get carried away… hope this process video will be a good use of your 10 minutes (LOL), to sit back and relax:

As always, I appreciate your stopping by. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Can’t wait to see you at the Summit!

  1. Beautiful!!!
    I start to understand more and more that what looks “easy” to other people – a lot of times means that you’ve spent hours and hours practicing, perfecting, learning… to get to the point where it looks “easy and fast”. And that’s a level of mastery, years of learning “how to do it easy” where people need to realize they are paying for.

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