Rediscovering my love for watercolours

Back in college, I used watercolour a lot and used it solely on the advertisement artworks we had to submit for our thesis. This was the time when no one owned computers let alone learned to use one. I love the washes and layers I can do with it.

Then I went to Nankai University to study Traditional Chinese Painting for 6 months. It was a great learning experience getting to understand another world of watercolours. Mind you, watercolours used in Chinese painting are of a different breed! I remember how I had to start from scratch learning the technique because it was all so different from the western style of painting I was used to. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many pictures to show from that time…

Anyways, fast forward to now. In the age of computers, I’ve kind of let go of painting and always had a reason about not having enough time. Seeing other watercolour artists share their art inspired me to take up my watercolours again. So wanted to share with you a few of my recent foray back into watercolour.

I tested out this Midori Traveler’s Notebook #012 Refill to see how it will work with watercolours. Used Micron Pen for the lines.


Below was inspired by this class. I’m a fan of Yao Cheng’s watercolours so when I saw this class on Creativebug, I had to check it out…


And then a few more doodles and painting from Lisa Congdon’s class.

watercolour_08 watercolour_07 watercolour_06 watercolour_05 watercolour_04

Currently, my ‘stash’ of watercolours includes an old big set of Windsor & Newton (purchased in London back in 2000), mini Kuretake glimmer set (oval shaped pans) and EDCs – Peerless Watercolours inserted in my MTN and a Pebeo set which I’ve hacked to include other half-size pans of Windsor & Newton watercolours.


I love these water brushes from Kuretake because the bristles have the right feel and the reservoir end is not too flimsy or soft to squeeze. Some of my very very very old watercolour brushes are still in use but not as much as my water brushes.


If you read from my other post on journaling, you will see a lot of watercolours on my journals which I find, is a good way to practise and just get my supplies into use.

I’m not affiliated with any of the products I mentioned above…


Thanks for reading.


  1. Beautiful! I want to save your pictures somewhere I can see them all the time.
    Do you use a specific type of paper in Chinese painting?

    1. Thank you Clair. Yes there is indeed a different paper for Chinese Painting. Very thin rice paper unlike the western watercolor papers that are thick. ☺️

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