500 Colored Pencils: Fun

Last week, I received a surprise present in the mail. It was a set of the Felissimo coloured pencils, more specifically the FUN set. Oh boy! I was giddy and excited to try these out. I actually knew of these Felissimo coloured pencils years and years ago when I walked into the shop in Beijing. Back then, I couldn’t get myself to buy any because there is about 500 colours to choose from and being a designer, it is never easy to decide on which colours to get!

I’ve used these together with my watercolour art. And I love the way it turned out! Eeeks!

And can I tell you how so cool the names are of each of the colours? These are certainly inspiring on it’s own.

These are now also available in Shanghai from a chain store called 九木杂物社. Can’t wait to add more colours to my set!

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