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For some strange reason, I was stuck on the Season of Brave of the Get Messy Art Journal prompts. I think a lot to do with  having too many ideas and not knowing how to start. Starting late, I ended up doing was doing the prompts in random order, whichever prompt was easy for me to start.

Prompt set #1

This spread is inspired by a stenciling technique by Dina Wakley’s class which I’ve been watching and playing over and over. There’s several layers of paint and molding. I used a glittery Mod Podge as a sealer; not sure if I like it, but oh well, it’s part of the  experimenting process.

getmessyartjournal_BravePrompt1 getmessyartjournal_BravePrompt1b

Prompt set #2

This one was a biggie. This prompt was not easy to do… I wasn’t sure how to start making an e-zine with the prompt. At the last minute (which is why I did this spread last), I had this ‘a-ha!’ moment when this all clicked. I was given these heart-shaped cutouts by A, so I thought these would be perfect for using as background.

getmessyartjournal_BravePrompt2 getmessyartjournal_BravePrompt2b

The ‘explosion fold’ I think was perfect for the journaling. I used a neon paper for a contrast with the background.


Prompt set #3

For this spread, I found one of the practise sheets I painted with kids while doing Ashley Goldberg’s Paint.Plan.Play class. I found these sheets again while trying to tidy up. These perfectly answered the prompt in this set.

So I ended up spraying mists on top and added another layer of “outline” using Stickles. My paper was soaked but it dried up nicely. Mounted this on top of my spread. The unevenly was a nice touch to the overall effect.

getmessyartjournal_BravePrompt3 getmessyartjournal_BravePrompt3b

Prompt #4

This was the first spread I ended up doing because I was so excited to try out these when they arrived in the mail just in time. I’m quite excited with the possibilities with the blender pen so want to try this on my other pages. These worked well on top of the acrylic paint I used on base.

getmessyartjournal_BravePrompt4 getmessyartjournal_BravePrompt4b

Prompt #5

Inspired by the temporary tattoos I received from Kal Barteski, these words are just PERFECT! This is my take on the prompt in this set.

getmessyartjournal_BravePrompt5 getmessyartjournal_BravePrompt5b

Prompt #6

And finally, the last spread for this season’s prompts. I think this is one of my favourite. Another ‘making mark’ sheet from Ashley Goldberg’s Paint.Plan.Play class. I added in the colours and cut out a piece of journal cards which has the same visual language as the spread. I added some Pebeo Modeling Paste on top for texture.

getmessyartjournal_BravePrompt6 getmessyartjournal_BravePrompt6b

That’s it for this Season of Brave. Can’t wait to get started on the new Season of Adventure prompts.

Thank you for looking.


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