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A last-minute decision to make a trip to my hometown to visit family was pretty much a blur from the time before we left and the time we came back. If you follow me on IG, I posted about moving to a new apartment, which in itself was a BIG STRESS. The unpacking and the crazy deadlines meant I did not have time to put a lot of time into how I was documenting my trip. I knew it had to be as minimal as possible and would be painless.


So I ended up with the 1/2 Trip Traveler’s Factory insert (I had used one before on another trip last year) and brought along a limited amount of washi tapes, stamps and stickers. I did bring along my Instax printer and my portable watercolour set. Here’s a few pictures of my journal.


Stamped this when I got back when I received the stamp from my friend Vanessa.

arlyna_TAC_MNL_Journal_03 arlyna_TAC_MNL_Journal_04arlyna_TAC_MNL_Journal_05 arlyna_TAC_MNL_Journal_06arlyna_TAC_MNL_Journal_07 arlyna_TAC_MNL_Journal_08 arlyna_TAC_MNL_Journal_09arlyna_TAC_MNL_Journal_10  arlyna_TAC_MNL_Journal_11arlyna_TAC_MNL_Journal_12

That’s it…

Somehow this trip made me love my passport Midori Traveler’s Notebook even more. It was both my go-to notebook and wallet which allowed me to go out with just that and my phone; no bag and no other thing to mess about.

Thanks for looking.


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