Pocket Letters


Have you heard about latest ‘craze’ with Pocket Letters, started by Janette Lane? There is a lot of posts on IG about this. I’ve only stumbled upon this a couple months ago and have had the pleasure of swapping with a couple partners on the Pocket Letter Pals site. Unfortunately I was too excited to send out my pocket letters that I forgot to take photos of them!

This time around, I managed to do 4 pocket letters and remembered to take photos before sending them out. Here’s a few photos from what I made…

This one here is for a private swap. She likes shabby chic stuff so I thought I’d put together something from my stash.

PrivateSwap_03 PrivateSwap_02

This one below is for a Colour-Themed swap. She likes wanted a gold theme for her pocket letter. Quite happy that I had enough gold stuff in my stash.

Gold_02 Gold_01

This one here is a Mixed Media swap. Again inspired by a Dina Wakley class on stenciling, I used a big sheet of cardstock, painted and then cut up into card sizes. Added some embellishments on the front and back.

MixedMedia_02 MixedMedia_01

This one is for a Washi Tape Sampler swap. I placed the washi tape samples are on the back side of the pocket letters.


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