Sketchbook all filled up! I started the this class during my trip to Taipei, Taiwan, late last year. This was a really good class especially when I spent a lot of days in hotel quarantine. I continued filling up pages when I was in hotel quarantine again in Shanghai. And now, I finished as we are surpassing the 1-month point of this whole lockdown.

For this project, I was excited to find out I can order on Tools to Liveby and they could deliver to the quarantine hotel. So I ordered the Midori Spiral Ring Notebook B6 (watercolor paper) along with a couple other stationery. The paper was just thick enough for me to stitch things on as well as play with the water-soluble crayons and watercolours I brought.

Here’s a few of the pages inside my sketchbook.

You can also check out a flip-thru video of the sketchbook.

Hope this was a good read. Thank you.


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