[May ’22] Around here…

May came and went like a blur, between the dullness of our days, to creating some sort of routine to not spiraling mentally… basically a cacophony of emotions and ups and downs.

We have been given some more food rations from the government ranging from toiletries, condiments to veggies and meat.

There were still constant testing between antigen test kits and the PCR tests. An excuse to go out, rain or shine, but also too much of a hassle, trying to spray/disinfect where we went.

Have been baking a lot since there’s no way to buy bread. And with shortage in yeast, had to jump into the sourdough starter adventure. And on occasion also do some improv because I did not have the “right kind” of flour.

Some of the highs in May are… finally get some coffee pods, group-buying of Shake Shack and peonies and of course, art journaling to stay sane.

Ohhhhh! On the last day of May, I finally got to leave our apartment compound and go for a walk with a fellow urban sketcher, and explore the city before the 01 June lifting of the lockdown.

So here’s to June! To be more hopeful that we get some form of normalcy onwards.

Thank you for visiting.

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