Postrip Part 3: Silk Road Travel Album

This is a 3-part series showcasing the travel albums that are currently on exhibit at the Shanghai Mass Art Gallery (上海群众艺术馆) in Shanghai. You can also read more about this event at the Postcrossing blog.Postrip 2017

Finally, the last installment is a very mini travel journal. This was documenting our trip to the Silk Road, specifically Dunhuang. This destination has been in my bucket list for almost 20 years! Yes, I have been dreaming of visiting Dunhuang ever since I started studying Traditional Chinese Painting in Tianjin’s Nankai University back in 1994. My classmates showed me photos of when they went,  the paintings on the caves, what they had  painted and sketched, as well as  the countless stories and experiences. They even gave me a gift of souvenir slides (yes, back then it was all analog!) which I have kept up until now. No photos are allowed inside the caves now to preserve the rare paintings.

So here is a look of the modern day Silk Road and our adventures. And yes, this was an adventure because we did not fly direct but rather flew to Lanzhou from Shanghai, from there took an overnight train from to Dunhuang. The kids were very excited for their first overnight train ride! We arrived at dawn excited to embark on our adventure.

The cover of this album is from Jamaica Makes when she had these on sale. These sell out really fast as she only makes limited quantities. I was lucky to have managed to snatch 2 sets and this is the second one. This is only 4×4 inches in size.

To be honest, I did not plan on bringing some sand dunes with us but I found I had these in our shorts pockets when we returned to the hotel! So why not save these? I used one of those plastic packaging that scrapbook stuff comes in.

arlyna Dunhuang 2014

I quite enjoyed putting these pages together. Most of these were done in Dunhuang so all I needed to do when we got back to Shanghai was print some more photos and add a little bit of something and it was all done.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you for looking.


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