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My suitcase from the recent trip to the Philippines has not been completely unpacked and then I had to go on a business trip to Yinchuan. As I have not been to Yinchuan before, I decided to take this chance to take my kids along. And of course, I debated on whether I will do a travel journal or not. I’m glad I did!


I kept things simple and decided to use a Traveler’s Notebook Refill for a Short Trip with my Passport size Midori Traveler’s Notebook (which I got on sale!). The stuff I brought on previous trips were practically in my suitcase so I just brought them along on this trip.




Before the trip, I stamped and embellished a few pages like the one above.





Added this journal card (above) from Ali Edwards’ Story Kit when I got back home as well as finished off these last couple pages from the last day.

What I loved about this:

  • few pages so not a lot of pressure to fill it up
  • just added photos on some, not a lot of words
  • portable enough that I could take this out and write on the plane or jot notes while out-and-about
  • the small size is different from the recent travel journals that it was kind of fun putting together

I actually had this journal on my desk at the office for a couple days flipping through it back and forth. Although this format took a bit of getting used to (because I did most of my previous travel journals/albums with rings giving me flexibility adding pages, moving pages around, or taking out pages), however having done 3 travel journals in a row using the MTN system, I might do this format again on a future trips.


Thanks for looking.


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