Urban Sketching: Silos at Minsheng Wharf

Great weather to be out sketching the city. It’s been some time since I actually went out urban sketching with @drawing_shanghai. Together with Lily, we planted ourselves nearer to the Lupu Bridge and near the silo (which now houses a contemporary art museum) located on the Minsheng Wharf. The areas along both sides of the Huangpu River has been redeveloped these past few years into a long park with space for cyclists and joggers and pedestrians. The factories that were on these shores have been closed, demolished or converted into museums. The 80,000-ton silo structure is a great example of a converted property although it has been closed during the pandemic up until now.

I was keen on sketching more than normal quantity during these outings (typically 1 to 2 sketches) but both of my fountain pens would not work even after I tested and cleaned them a few days ago! I ended up sketching with a Pentel Calligraphy Brushpen with only 30 mins left before the group discussion. So these series of sketches are quite loose and same with the watercolour I added.

Then we headed to the Sichuan Road Bridge area where there is a cafe right above a gasoline station that offers a fantastic view of the Suzhou Creek and the historic China Post building. Because there has been less travel overseas by locals, lots of places have started to pick up with locals itching to get those selfies around this area.

It was a great day for sketching which I ended with a vignette of the China Postal Museum.

Thank you for reading.

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