bedside books


bedside books

You probably see from my photos not only here on the blog but also on my Project Life spreads that I hardly show books. This does not mean that I don’t read. I love to read and I would say one of my prized possessions apart from my albums are basically my books. It’s just that these days, reading books take me longer to finish.


People who come to our apartment notice first our books. Books are everywhere in our apartment with rows of Billy bookcases dotting the living room area, kids’ bedrooms and entrance. Then of course, we have books on the bedside table and dining table which also doubles as our ‘gathering’ space. (Psst…pardon the mess…)

books_02 books_05 books_04 books_03books_07

Recently I read one of Elise’s blog about down time and her reading time. And it dawned on me somehow that what she said about reading using a device really can be distracting. So I’m making more an effort to read more in bed, to get a chance to cuddle up with the kids. I use Kindle on my phone only for reviewing books before buying them. I still quite enjoy the feel of a real book.


I’m catching up on reading the Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I really am enjoying! Another one I’m reading is The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp which is also fantastic. I don’t necessarily go and get non-fiction books but I made an exception with these 2. The other books you see in the photo are my kids’… (although I sometimes also read some of what they bring to the bedside table).

What about you? What books have you been reading?


Thanks for looking.


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