Chinese New Year

Currently…in February


The Year of the Mouse started in a blur… or pretty much the entire January was a depressing one…

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year was especially since it was overshadowed with the novel coronavirus that has now gripped the world. A truly depressing one especially when this is the most important holiday for the Chinese. To be told not to go out, not to see relatives, not to travel, has been on the top of each government WeChat posts. No one could have known how this virus has impacted everyone and how serious it was. So yes, we have been in home quarantine for pretty much over 2 weeks. And work is slated to resume on the 10th of February.

Some photos from that one time we had to visit the vet. Shanghai was like a ghost town…

But we have been enjoying the warmer and sunny weather these days which is really not helping with this home quarantine because this weather makes you crave going out to enjoy the sun even more… With no pollution, we are blessed with clear skies and we have even been able to see the constellations at night.


In spite of having “all the time in the world” to get creative, it has actually been a bit opposite. I’ve felt less productive. I have managed to get 2019 Project Life all done! Yes! Right now, I am still debating on whether I really want to do Project 2020… We’ll see.

Managed to finish a couple sketches from back in December.

Fuxing Park

And finally got around to updating (well, a small update) to my urban sketching watercolor palette in preparation for a summer workshop.

Colour palette

Other than urban sketching, I’ve decided to commit to only 1 big year-long challenge to improve my illustration skill. I am loving this #makingarteveryday challenge by Bardot Brush because I keep learning the use of Procreate thru actual doing. Some of the prompts prove to be a huge challenge but getting it done brings a sense of accomplishment. Here are some of what I did.


Having an easier year-long challenge gives me room to do other projects like the #the100dayproject and #oneweek100people in 2020. And maybe some more…

One of my to-do list was to do some art journal book. Yay! I managed to finally have time to do a handmade art journal!

Anyways, we continue to pray that the whole virus situation will get resolved. In the meantime, I invite you to check out my IG feed for more.

As always, thank you for stopping by.



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