December Daily 2016 | Part 2

Here is a look at the second and last instalment of my December Daily 2016 album.

arlyna_day14 arlyna_day15 arlyna_day16 arlyna_day17 arlyna_day17b arlyna_day17c arlyna_day18 arlyna_day19 arlyna_day20 arlyna_day21 arlyna_day21b arlyna_day21c arlyna_day22 arlyna_day22b arlyna_day23 arlyna_day24 arlyna_day24b arlyna_day25 arlyna_day25b arlyna_day25c

A few parting notes about my experiences with the 9 albums I’ve made so far…

  • I try to just go with the flow and not overthink or otherwise I won’t be able to finish the album(s) within December or early January.
  • I struggled with the 12-pocket 6×8 pages but I was able to fill them with photos from 1 event to make it look cohesive. Not sure if I will use the same pockets next year though I still have a couple packs in my stash that I want to use up.
  • I managed to buy the new supplies to augment my stash from a local seller but I typically try to justify each expense because I want to reduce my stash.
  • Enjoy the process, it’s all worth it!

Thank you for looking.

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