Analogue 2017

January has passed and we are now into February, a short month. This post is a bit late but still,  I thought I’d share my analogue stack for 2017.


Trying to keep things simple in 2017. These 3 notebooks are pretty much my EDC (everyday carry) plus lots of fountain pens. The Stalogy notebook (black cover) was supposed to be last year’s journal notebook but I somehow changed my mind (can’t remember why…), so this year I plan to make use of this as journal and doodle notebook.


Passport size Traveler’s Notebook has my 2017 agenda notebook and a Field Notes notebook for notes. Along with these 2 notebooks are 2 pocket inserts – plastic and a fourrouf, both of which have weathered through 2016.

arlyna_analogue_03 arlyna_analogue_04 arlyna_analogue_05 arlyna_analogue_06 arlyna_analogue_07

The regular size Traveler’s Notebook will be my go-to for creative stuff on the go, holding a sketchbook and insert for watercolour painting. I also made an insert for January journaling.


I think I would add sketchbook to this stack but this should be what I will keep for 2017.

What about you? How are you documenting life in 2017?

Thank you for looking.

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