Here’s some of the stuff I designed – most specifically, only the perpetual types. Download, print and use anytime as these will never go out-of-date. I’ve classified them according to type or size. And don’t forget to tag / hashtag me on IG – @abshanghai / #arlynaplannerpages or #arlynadownloads. Enjoy! 



icon_A5   A5 Planner Pages

A5_daily_downloads_thumbnail A5_weekly_downloads_thumbnail
TODAY Daily Planner Page Weekly Planner Spread (Spring)  Weekly Planner Spread (Autumn)
arlyna perpetual planner page
Weekly Planner Page

icon_personal   Personal Size Planner Pages

A5_daily_downloads_thumbnail A5_weekly_downloads_thumbnail Personal_Notes_downloads_thumbnail
TODAY Daily Planner Page Weekly Planner Spread (Spring) Notes Pages
Weekly Planner Page Monthly Planner Page Monthly Planner Page (Bi-fold)
arlyna perpetual planner page  
Weekly Planner Spread (Autumn) Weekly Planner Page Weekly Planner Page (Autumn) 

icon_TN  Traveler’s Notebook Pages – Regular

arlyna planner TN insert
Gratitude Notebook 1-Day-Per-Page 1-Week-Per-Page 
arlyna planner TN insert

Traveler’s Notebook Pages – Passport Size

Gratitude Notebook


Here are a couple Project Life related printables.

Dec_journalcards arlyna_2017titlecard
December Journal Cards Project Life Title Cards
Various Sizes Available




  1. I’m so happy I stumbled across this site! You are an angel for sharing all this truly wonderful organizational art!

  2. This is amazing; you are amazing! 😍 I’ve always been on the look out for planners because I am planning to start doing it- the planning. But this is going to be my first time printing. I’m just wondering if you have instructions as to how to do it? I would really appreciate it.

    1. Hi, Eliza! Not sure which file you are downloading but the pages are set up for easy printing and simple cutting/trimming. Thank you.

  3. I can not download. Why? I need help, please !! I like them very much and I want them for free, if it is possible.

    1. Hi, Tomiko! Can you please let me know which exact file as I’m a bit confused…cannot find where there is a “B L and D” Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful printables. I used these years ago and was happy to find them again. I hope you and your loved ones are okay during this crazy time of Covid. All the best and thank you for spreading love with your beautiful creations during a time of worry and sadness. Xxx

    1. thank you so much for the kind words. and I’m always grateful to hear how the pages I’ve designed has helped one way or another. thank you for your support 🙂

      P.S.: Yes, BLD means breakfast, lunch and dinner…

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