Travel Journal | Tacloban City (Part 2)


This is the second part of the 2-part post of how I documented one of our summer trips. The first part can be found here. For this journal, I made a notebook to go into my Midori Travelers Notebook which turned out thicker than the first part. Which has it’s pros and cons. Srill, I’m quite happy with the way this turned out and so this post is quite heavy with images.

Here’s a look at some of the pages:


I love this little globe sticker from Midori which I picked up in Osaka last June. And the Ali Edwards tags from the Go Story Kit as perfect opener.


I used the number paper clips to indicate the day number. The little ice cream washi stickers were free from an event I went to.









I love these little chipboard stickers from various Ali Edwards Story Kits which I’ve used on a lot of pages in this travel journal.


I’ve been bringing my Instax Printer (a birthday gift last year) with me as I can finish pages quickly and not wait until I get back home. This also means less time needed to finish each travel journal.




I got some photos printed in Tacloban as it is cheaper and I wanted to do some pages on the flight back. And then I print more photos when I get home for pages I need more.

Overall, this turned out way too thick mostly due to the paper I used were already a bit thick and added the bulk of the embellishments! This is one reason it was hard for me to take photos of this journal flat. Still, I’m quite happy with the results and have been flipping through the pages over and over again before it was put into the shelf.

Thanks for looking.


    1. I encourage you to do it. Even simply writing a few highlights a day during your trip, collect ephemera and attach it to your notebook…keep it simple and believe me, when you get home, you’ll be grateful you did. Add photos later. 🙂

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