Art Journaling | Get Messy Season of Love [Prompts 4, 5 and 6]

The last in the series for the Season of Love from the Get Messy Art Journal project , I finally managed to finish these pages. Always I end up starting and walking away from these unfinished because I get stuck about how to go about it. Not to mention some of the prompts brings out some of the emotions I am still trying to get over… But so happy these are finally done and can’t wait to tackle the next season.

Prompt #4 – I made 2 spreads.


What would be the world devoid of love…? I made the spread using a lot of whites to show a cold environment. The hexagons are actually from a mall’s brochure which I cut up as I wanted these to represent the complexity of the world.


This spread is focusing on little acts of love shining through the darkness.

Prompt #5 – A bit tricky because I don’t normally do selfies. I also took the love language quiz and yes, to me, action speaks louder than words.


I used up all the Amy Tangerine Remarks Pigment Fabric stickers I’ve been hoarding. I also finally managed to buy a big acrylic block that was big enough for this Heidi Swapp arrows clear stamp. Sprinkled some tiny star bits while the Mod Podge was still a bit wet.


Prompt #6 – This spread took longer because I had some ideas on how to go about it but I kept changing my mind. I also turned to my friend’s pages for inspiration. Thank you Vanessa. In the end I used various pieces of fabric I like and ‘quilted’ these onto an interfacing which I then ironed onto the pages.

On this spread I wanted the scraps to represent me, all the experiences I’ve encountered and learned throughout my lifetime; a full life. You will see a scrap of Heather Ross’ fabric with chickens. I was born in the year of the chicken I thought this was just perfect. I also love sushi, gnomes, romance, travel and more…


The quote sums up everything I wanted to say and hits the spot. I found this via Pinterest which in turn led to his IG account. (P.S.: I wish I had a better typewritter but in a way the ‘ruggedness’ adds a bit of flair.


Can’t wait to get started on the next season of the Get Messy Art Journals.

The pages from Prompt #1 are found here and Prompts #2 and #3 are here.

Thank you for looking.


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