Project Life | Weeks 10-14

Days seem to be passing me by in a blur! I’m typically mostly caught up with Project Life but it’s getting the photos done, editing and creating a blog post that seem to take me longer to do. Anyways, here are my March pages. April is almost done and will take advantage of the Labour Day weekend to do the blogpost.

Week 10 is mostly about new school semester and new routine which made it a hectic week so did not a lot of chance to take photos.


Week 11 is mostly trying to adjust to the new routine, getting back into school life (which is typically packed with homework), and skating class on Sundays.


Week 12 is a very full and hectic week between school and work but I’m happy that I managed to squeeze in some time to do art journaling.


Week 13 is a mix of so many stuff. One thing I love about Project Life is getting to include bits and bobs from everyday life (like labels, packaging, receipts, movie tickets, etc.) which would otherwise just end up in the trash.


Week 14 was crazy with school, church, work stuff and getting ready for Easter. Living in China, we don’t really feel the atmosphere of the Holy Week like I did growing up. This week felt like any other week except at home I try to bring this in through our evening prayers and baking yummy hot cross buns.


My approach to Project Life is not to overthink use of kits or embellishments or I will end up taking longer to finish my pages. I use whatever looks nice and overall tells our story of life in Shanghai. I’m also trying to use up my stash… though sometimes I feel like I’m nowhere near, maybe I need to do a major purge!

Thanks for looking.


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