Around here…


… our days seem to go in a blur!

… keeping a journal handy with my fauxdori (courtesy from the fantastic Happie Scrappie) and custom-made insert to document our Week in the Life

… school homework takes a big part of our evenings

… work has been hectic with deadlines all sort of happening at the same time


… organizing a trick-or-treat for our entire apartment complex (4 buildings) at the last-minute; so far there is 60 kids registered and 25 apartments


… some routines are changing almost everyday and some of those changes are a challenge and some are not too bad

… on some nights, we only have time to shower and get changed before plopping into bed

… praying together and reading bedtime stories (we are in between one of the Wimpy Kid series and Mr. Men books) are something we look forward to at the end of our days



… documenting our days with the planner pages I designed has helped to keep track of all these every life

… trying not to let the mounting of clothes to be ironed get to me; this seems to be a never-ending task

… morning ritual of getting to school on time is getting harder especially when we all just want to stay under the warm blankets and cuddle; we need a huge (!) alarm clock


… I’m building extra muscles just carrying the kids’ school bags and on some days, juggling between an umbrella and my own bags


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