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Divider Page

When I started using a paper planner this month, I found that it has in a way helped me getting everything organised, among other things. I’m liking this approach now, more than the digital calendars. And the added plus of using up some of the washi tapes, stickers and stuff I’ve been hoarding in my stash.

I managed to get around to customizing my own divider page using digital wordart from Ali Edwards. This is how my September daily looked like.


I quite liked the page I designed yet, a designer is never ever satisfied… there is the constant need to make more especially with more ideas popping into my head.


So, here are 2 new daily planner pages I designed. One of these is what I am using in October, just to see which format works best. I also made a perpetual weekly planner insert which was a request.

Design B
Design C
Design C


DAILY | Personal Size Insert – Design B | Design C

WEEKLY | Personal Size Insert – Design A



I’ve made a special MTN version of the Daily Planner AND an Filofax A5 version for Sam which you can now download from her blog at: 



  1. just found your newly designed pages today~ It’s lovely and it fulfilled my needs so much, particularly love the meal plan section which is often separated from daily planner or even ignored. I am always cooking for my family, it’s important for me not to repeat similar dishes too often, lol

    1. Thank you Yiying! I had the same feeling and in the same situation with you on the Meal Planning aspect, hence I included it into the daily page 🙂

  2. Hello!! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing these new lovely printables!!! Really like them a lot!! <3 Maybe when I am free I can try to design my own planner layouts to suit my needs!
    But your planner layouts are really functional and pretty at the same time! ^^

  3. It’s really great of this printable. It help me to get more organized. The design is so colorful which mostly is the favorite color of mine. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome printable to help people get organized in daily life. May I have a request Arlynab? Can you share the same printable layout but with the November and December calendar? Because I’m going to use it in my upcoming planner day. I need a Nov and Dec calendar instead of Oct. Still a million thank to your effort!

  4. Hello! I just came across your printables via pinterest. I’m extremely excited to start a planner like this of my own but, I was just wondering what kind of planner you use for the printables?

    1. Hi, Allison! Thank you. I actually use a cheap planner called Love Doki in Personal size (like A6). I was not sure how I would be getting on going analog and did not want to spend too much in case I end up not going forward… So far, it has served me well and I still enjoy using it.

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