Last Quilts of 2010


These were actually quilts I’ve made as Christmas presents to my in-laws but didn’t want to post of these until after I knew that the recipient(s) has received their quilts.

Both quilts are a mix of cotton and linen and just love the mix.
The retro red Chinese motif one is based on the ‘Six of One, A Half A Dozen of the Other’ pattern from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts.

The front

The back

Then I thought I’d try my hand at a ‘Plus Plus’ quilt pattern that I saw here. Got a bit ambitious and drew up the layout to get the right mix… In the end this was the result with a bit of hand quilted crosses in some areas. Not perfect but I still liked the way it turned out.

The front

The back


I’m not much of a quilter, actually I wouldn’t even call myself a ‘quilter’ because I’ve only started trying my hand on this craft last year. What has got me started is more to do with wanting to use up my stash and while at the same time giving something meaningful.

This year, I’m trying to finish my first proper quilts for my twins… which has been in the works since last year!

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