Scrapbooking on the Road: Taiwan Travel Album


Yesterday morning, I finally got around to taking photo of my travel album. Since I’ve finished it a few weeks ago after our trip, I’ve been flipping through it over and over again. I so so so LOVE this album because it has allowed me document the trip easily and made the trip even more memorable.

Oh! and a place for my collected stuff as I always come home with bits of stuff but they just get filed away in a box.

IMG_1624 IMG_1636 IMG_1640
The whole process is thanks to a workshop from Ali Edwards which was released at the right time; a couple weeks before we went on the trip so reading through the process was a good encouragement and starting point. A lot of the base pages were done before the trip and a lot were added on during the trip and a few more were done when we returned.

And based on this experience, even travelling with kids, making this album is very doable. I’ve keep everything as simple and hassle-free as possible and brought only a few supplies shown below and then packed into a small cotton shopping bag along with the foundation album.


Pages of my album can be found here.

Looking at this album, it reminded me of the first travel album I did last year which was really straightforward and simple as I didn’t want to make spend too much time thinking about it and in the end get put aside.

Will definitely be looking to doing more albums like these. And in fact, I’ve been collecting some paper samples, used binders and managed to find some PET clear plastic which were extras from a previous work project. These are now my overlays as I cannot afford to buy those nice ones from Hambly esp. when shipping cost is added on. These clear plastics work perfectly for me and have been used on my December Daily and the Hong Kong and Taiwan travel albums. Above all, PET is environment-friendly material!

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