Just in Time…


Just managed to finish my December Daily album foundation pages in time! Last year, everything was made impromptu and with no defined design direction as I didn’t think I was going to be able to do until the last minute even though I designed some template pages.

Anyways, I made some free downloads again of the page designs I will definitely be using on our album this year. And this time I plan to keep them as simple as possible emphasizing on the pictures and words for the day. Or drawings from the kids.


Here’s a look at the foundation pages…most of these I made and printed myself as well as stuff I’ve been collecting from paper samples, parts of packaging samples we did, or re-purposing some existing stuff from last year.

arlyna_2010DecDailyAlbum_Dec01_04 arlyna_2010DecDailyAlbum_Dec05_08 arlyna_2010DecDailyAlbum_Dec09_12 arlyna_2010DecDailyAlbum_Dec10_detail arlyna_2010DecDailyAlbum_Dec13_16 arlyna_2010DecDailyAlbum_Dec15_detail arlyna_2010DecDailyAlbum_Dec17_20 arlyna_2010DecDailyAlbum_Dec21_24 arlyna_2010DecDailyAlbum_Dec25
For the pages, here are some freebies to download.

Overlays and Dates: Download here.

Dates you can punch out or cut. Download here.


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