10 years ago…


10 years ago in Taipei, I met the person who changed my life.

10 years ago in Taipei, he surprised me and proposed at Burger King.

10 years ago in Taipei, we had a ‘big’ church wedding at a small chapel in Tienmu attended by family and friends, some who even flew from the other side of the world to celebrate with us.

10 years ago in Shanghai, we are in our ‘honeymoon’; an extended one.

10 years ago in London, we had another wedding; a small civil wedding.

10 years later in Shanghai, I’m blessed with a great husband and dad. Thank you, Simon.

Audrey gave us a drawing on the wall to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. This was the drawing that greeted me the following morning after our anniversary which almost brought tears to my eyes. We ended up celebrating our anniversary with our kids the following day as I was working late that night (of our anniversary).

Still,  I wouldn’t change anything of that day.

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