Destination | Taipei (Part 1)

It has been a couple years since my last trip to Taipei. The last trip was only for 3 days, I think, and it was not a great one. And even though this trip was purely to get some papers done, I had this list of places to go to and things to do, taking advantage of the fact I was travelling alone (without kids) for the first time in a long time. I even had a plan to do a post about the stationery stores on the list. Sigh! It was not meant to be… Nevertheless, I want to share some photos from the trip which is in 2 segments as there’s just too many photos to share. Somehow I feel like I was looking at Taipei in a totally different light from when I used to live there over 15 years ago.



Side street full of little shops and places to eat.
Keelung Miao Kou Night Market
The big Keelung Miao Kou Night Market is bustling as ever. I left there so STUFFED!
Funky sign


Hotel Relax III has comfortable rooms and fantastic location.

Second day was pretty much getting most of the things I needed to get done ticked off the list. Managed to be quite productive before heading out to Tianmu, in the suburbs of downtown Taipei.

Taipei Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel still looks majestic (as seen from the light rail transit).


Popped into the post office to get some cool stamps for my collection.
Hoping East Road was my ‘hood… the Mandarin Training Centre (MTC) partly hidden by the trees has a painted mural now.
Unexpected road trip turned out to be a great time to reconnect with a family friend.

Early evening, met up with a former colleague and we popped in to this cool shop selling lots of different paper and I was literally in heaven! I think I literally touched or ran my fingers through all the different paper on sale.

Taipei Pin Mo
Taipei Pin Mo – shop in the basement while studio is on the ground floor.

I couldn’t choose what I wanted to get!

Taipei Pin Mo
Journals or sketchbooks, whatever you want to use these untreated paper. The cover has these bold numbers that relate to the day of the year and the actual date. For example 185 means 185th day in the year while 7/4 (smaller font size) means July 4.
Taipei Pin Mo
Paper heaven

And then we walked on down through the lanes and alleys towards Yongkang Road which is now bustling with tourists because of it’s proximity to the original Din Tai Fung.

Taipei street life.
Knick knacks shop on Yongkang Road.
My favourite hand-cut noodles, stir-fried veggies and onion cake.
Shaved mango ice! Yum!


Part 2 coming shortly.


Thanks for looking.


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