Picnic Blankie (At Last!)


Been wanting to have a proper picnic blanket since we started hanging out at a hotel’s grassy lawn last year but never got around to it…

…Until I found these Cath Kidston cotton canvass fabric online.

Cotton canvass
Cotton canvass
Lightweight cotton

So excited that I immediately worked on it by simply backing it with waterproof fabric I found a while ago of Fifi Lapin’s design for LeSportsac. Added some pockets on the corners and finally used cotton canvass tape to bind the blankie.

Unfortunately, the weekends thereafter saw a lot of rain!

So we finally got to go on a bit of picnic last Sunday. The day was just perfect. We had the lawn to ourselves, lots of birds chirping, enough breeze to keep temperature bearable (it was around 34C that day), sound of cicadas in the trees, simple lunch, lots of footie game and frisbee throwing….

Until, an hour later, the sky opened up and we were immediately rained on! The waterproof side of the blankie ended up as our cover from the rain. The kids though enjoyed some more of running around in the rain.

Looking forward to some more picnics… hopefully drier weather…

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