Double Happiness Quilt


Yes, I’ve finally managed to finish a wedding gift for my cousin Gil. It’s a very late present but as the saying goes: better late than never. Probably would be even later since I’m mailing this to him in the US.

It took a while to finish as I was worried I won’t do a proper job with this. Eventually I did it and quite happy with the results. I only ended up quilting diagonal lines.

The general design was from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts called ‘Six of One, A Half Dozen of the Other’ which I’ve modified because these Chinese fabric are only 80cm wide.

I found this vintage Chinese fabric traditionally from the Dongbei Province (northern part of China) which is not easy to find nowadays. The colours, the detail and the design are so much better than what is sold nowadays.


This is the front of the quilt. The fabric has the ‘Double Happiness’ characters and peonies which traditionally symbolizes wedding.


This is the back which has the roses and phoenix motif.

Thanks to Samuel, who took the shots while Audrey played behind the quilt.

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