arlyna Philippines 2014

Postrip Part 2: Philippines Travel Album

This is a 3-part series showcasing the travel albums that are currently on exhibit at the Shanghai Mass Art Gallery (上海群众艺术馆) in Shanghai. You can also read more about this event at the Postcrossing blog.Postrip 2017

This second post is about the our trip to the Philippines. Originally we were to go to my hometown Tacloban City, but Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda happened and we could only get to Manila. So this travel journal documents what we ended up doing during that year’s Winter Break during the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year.

This cover is made from acrylic which I ordered from a local online store, cut to a 6×6 inch size. I had to get a neighborhood window maker to help me drill holes for adding the ring binders on.

This postcard was one of the few I had left from our Europe trip which perfectly fits into this spread.

arlyna Philippines 2014

This word art from Ali Edwards was cut on my old model of Silhouette when we returned to Shanghai. The perfect ending to this travel journal, don’t you think so?

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