Postrip Part 1: Europe Travel Album

This is a 3-part series showcasing the travel albums that are currently on exhibit at the Shanghai Mass Art Gallery (上海群众艺术馆) in Shanghai. You can also read more about this event at the Postcrossing blog.Postrip 2017

This travel album (I can’t exactly call it a journal anymore as it’s so so so thick that I had to make and customize a new album as soon as we returned from the trip!) commemorates our – me and my 2 kids – first big trip together. Yes, this was made back in 2013 but still love leafing thru these pages every time I get a chance. I also just realized that I did not share this album here on the blog before. So I think it is quite fitting to have a small series of these albums.

arlyna Europe 2013

As part of the key theme of the exhibit is about postcards, this album perfect showcases both my love for postcards (or what is now called as #snailmail) and travel. A lot of pages in this album uses postcards as the “pages” with the front side as a memento of the places we visited while the flip side serving as the perfect canvas for documenting stories about our trip.  A bit of warning: this post is heavy on photos(!).

These illustrations on a few London postcards I found are just too cool not to include in the album. I love love love the style of these illustrations; quirky fun and just simply appeals to the artist in me.

(Above) A special fold-out panorama postcard of Zürich. It was a bit tricky to fit it into the album.

(Above) A favourite! This circle postcard from the Champ-Élysées is one of the cool postcards I managed to pick up before it was sold out. It’s crazy but I got inspired to write travel notes at the back in circle, too!

arlyna Europe 2013

I love that there are lots of memorabilia like ticket stubs, receipts, luggage tags, etc. that are saved in this album. These little bits and pieces add interest and glimpse into what we did.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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