Travel Journal | Holland

The final leg of our Europe 2019 adventure was Holland or the Netherlands. Yes, it is indeed 2019 because for so many reasons, this journal took longer to finish.

Unlike the other 2 journals of this trip, I actually didn’t get any pages done while on the trip. I had ran out of paste/glue by the time we were almost halfway through our Finland trip. And we did try to find stationery stores but either ran out of time or just couldn’t find any. Lesson learned: Bring more the next time we actually can travel out of China again (yes, it’s been 3 years… and counting… since pandemic hit).

For this journal, I kept the spreads very simple, relying a lot on the ephemera gathered/saved from the trip, mostly stamps from Everyday Explorers and an old Kelly Purkey, some washi tapes and trusty photo printer.

I’ve posted on YouTube the flip-thru video of the entire travel journal and for the first time, I recorded my voice (! because I always thought my voice sound strange on recording) walking through the pages and a bit about our trip.

Here are some pages from my journal, some of my favourites.

Felt so great to finally finish this project and off my checklist!

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Thank you for reading.

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