GetMessy 2022 Seasons: Part 2

This quarter of the Get Messy season has been a busy one and I don’t think I did as much spreads as before. This was all in between the 2-month lockdown and the flurry of activities after, from making sure we got to make doctors’ appointments, looking for new apartment to actually moving and unpacking. Whew! Looking back, I was glad I took a breather from creating to ease the pressure of needing to show up all the time.

So here’s my art journal pages for this second quarter of 2022 starting with the Season of OK.

The Season of Mess was an inspiring season.

And then finally for June, the Season of Heart.

Get Messy is more than just art journaling. It is a community of artists who support each other. And it is a fantastic community to belong to. Check out the Get Messy website.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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