Project Life 2014

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2015. Wow! Can’t believe we are already 2 days into the new year.

I am continuing with Project Life for the 5th year now, still using the same approach as I have been doing with

  • 12×12 albums; it has worked well for me and I just didn’t want to have yet another size of album on my shelf.
  • using mostly Design A pocket pages.
  • set up all the pages in advance with the title cards

So for this year, I wanted to add in something of what I did hence I designed my own weekly title cards instead of using alphas or stamps mainly for 2 reasons: (1) I wanted to use up my stash of scrapbook papers and (2) to make things easier/quicker to put together.

Project Life Title Cards for 2015

Simply cut the 12×12 papers into 4×6 and fed these through my home printer. All I need to do is insert these into the pockets.


Another alternative is to print using an adhesive-backed sheet and print labels which I adhered to the 4×6 papers.


Or even print on plain white watercolour paper and add your own art, embellishments, washi tapes, etc.

I thought I’d share these with you all. You can download the 4×6 format or the label format.


  1. Just wanted to say thank you for these, they’ve made my PL so much easier this year, hoping you will do some for 2016 😉


    1. Hi, Lina!

      Hopefully I can finally work on it this weekend. I keep getting distracted with work so haven’t managed to finish this. thank you again!


  2. Hi I’ve just seen your label format, what a great idea, are you doing this for 2016 at all. I just want to say thank you for all your wonderful printables, I enjoy looking around your blog. Thank you


  3. Hello I know it has been a few years but is this still available to download. I get an error message each time I click the link.


    1. Hi! I turned off the download as my work has been plagiarised… So if you can email me let me know which design and I can send you the file. Thank you!


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