Educational Trip to Hangzhou

Last April 3 and 4 was a long holiday weekend celebrating the Chinese tradition called Tomb Sweeping Day. We were fortunate to have found an excuse to get out of the city (something I do not typically do especially during holidays in China) at the last minute. We registered and booked our train tickets to Hangzhou with the help to my colleague, Yolanda, whom I’ve also invited along with her daughter to go along on this unique educational trip.

This whole trip was organised by a couple teachers from in and around Hangzhou as well as one from Xi’an. I am so very in awe at how we were welcomed warmly and the teachers were so very passionate and dedicated to teaching young kids and sharing what they know. So I thought I’d just share with you photos from the trip and see for yourself how we truly enjoyed getting the chance to go back to nature and get out of the urban jungle that is Shanghai.

Thank you for reading.


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