The Year 2022 That Was

GRATEFUL! That’s the only word that somehow keeps popping up in my head while I was finishing up my 2022 Project Life album. Honestly, there had been so many events that happened during 2022 that just made me feel so angry and frustrated and overwhelmed. But as I was going through our life in photos, I cannot help feel rather ashamed for letting all the negativity overshadow ALL the goodness of the past year.

It had been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. You can read some more via this post.

We had the most strict (to say the least) lockdown which was initially slated for 4-5 days that turned into 2 months!

We had to find something to keep sane. I did early morning workouts, mopping of the floors, cooking constantly, making art, and playing with cats. Calls from friends via Zoom were a big thing to keep spirits up.

After lockdown, the feeling of uncertainty is definitely there, not knowing how to interact with outside people, not knowing if there will be more lockdown, and so many more.

I’m also grateful that our new apartment has given us a space to come together and play board games, cook meals together, and cats have plenty to roam/run around in.

Being invited as a Wanderlust Guest Teacher for 2023 was also a big highlight along with an invitation to be one of the artist in the 2023 Artist Almanac.

So when I finally finished the album and was flipping through the pages, I cannot help but feel even more overwhelmed from emotions, a lot to be thankful for, those amazing little moments in life that gets forgotten or lost.

And this is my reason why, why I am still doing this project up until now, my 12th (or probably 14th year? I need to dig up my old albums to see when I started). This album has served a great reminder for me and my family, all the ups and downs of life and that there is a lot to be grateful for.

Can’t wait to see you at the Summit!

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