Me and my Traveler’s Notebooks

Me and my little collection of Midori Traveler’s Notebook – I only have 3 plus a mini – are well-used as you probably have seen in this blog and thru my IG feed. Yes, I started making my own about 5-6 years ago when I first saw one here in Shanghai, back before there was a big following. Then a little later, I decided to invest on the real deal and boy! it was definitely the right decision to go as these has become part of my everyday carry (EDC) for years now. I am still loving every bit of these notebooks!

Here is  a few background story photos on how I use my MTNs.

My constant EDCs are the 2 below – a passport and a regular. The passport shows more use as it is also used as a wallet when I cannot bring more than 1 with. Currently inside are 3 inserts consisting of the 007 Free Weekly Diary, a Field Notes for budgets and random notes and a 003 Blank Notebook for sketching. I have also included a 004 Zipper Case, a blue fourrouf and my 2 old old old Mont Blanc Mozart mechanical pencil and fountain pen.

The regular one holds an insert for journals, an insert for random notes and a 012 Sketch Paper Notebook along with a set of Peerless Watercolors. For pens, I have my 2 Lamy Safari pens, one filled with black Carbon Ink, and a Kuretake waterbrush.

IMG_0411 midori traveler's notebooks

I sometimes make my own inserts to use for certain trips like this one to my hometown, Tacloban City.

2015-09-10 131758 2015-07-30 103214 2015-07-08 170636

While on this particular trip to the Philippines and Yinchuan (China), I only used a 005 Lightweight Notebook and TF 1/2 Trip passport size insert, respectively, for the whole trip as they were short and also didn’t have time to pre-make my own.

IMG_0408 2015-08-07 090836

For the 2 recent trips, I used the 003 Blank Notebook and the TF 1/2 Trip one.

2016-07-07 084516 2016-08-23 084724 2016-08-24 084831

Of course, most important for me is to have something to sketch on while I’m out and about, wherever I am. I love doodling and if I don’t have any notebook/sketchbook for me to doodle, I’d be bored stiff!

2015-10-11 151239 2015-10-15 131804(1) 2016-08-24 172946 2016-08-25 150829

Sitting in coffee shops, I typically use this time to finish up some journaling.

File 01-09-2016, 11 05 37

And I bring my Passport TN to the wet market… to tick off items in my shopping list.

File 01-09-2016, 11 31 25

That’s it… So how do you use your MTN?

Thanks for looking.


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