Kyoto & Osaka Book

A few days before our last trip to Japan, I managed to cram some time into finishing this book that has been in my to-list since last year! Somehow I started it but never managed to finish it. So I made sure that this was finished and sent to the printer before we went on the Tokyo trip.

When we got back, this was delivered and I couldn’t stop flipping through the pages over and over again. It is part reminiscing about that trip and also just seeing photos in a physical form is so gratifying. In this modern digital age, most photos just get tucked away in our hard drives. I love making memory books of trips to try to get those photos out of the computer. Some of these photos are actually in my Travel Journal and in my Project Life album, but there were still so many photos that I felt needed to be seen.

I am so lucky to have the Life Captured Inc. template Documenting Family Holidays last year when I was the #lifecapturedproject ambassador, because the template is built in Adobe InDesign and this made putting the album together a breeze. I love the simplicity of the layout. Although I did end up altering or designing new layout to fit in with my story. Here’s a look at some of the album pages.

Kyoto_Osaka_album_02 Kyoto_Osaka_album_03Kyoto_Osaka_album_04Kyoto_Osaka_album_05  Kyoto_Osaka_album_06 Kyoto_Osaka_album_07 Kyoto_Osaka_album_08 Kyoto_Osaka_album_09 Kyoto_Osaka_album_10

This turned out to be over 100 pages, so very thick, but this a lot! And now I plan on doing another one for the Tokyo trip and our upcoming Australia trip.

That’s it… Thanks for looking.


    1. Thank you. Yes, the template included this page for journaling which is in a way great to be able to write some thoughts/notes down (though it was a bit intimidating at first) and different from the other books I’ve done before.

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